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LGV10 - The All-Rounder Just Got Better

Saturday, 6 February 2016 11:47:32 Asia/Singapore

LG has made a perfect comeback in the smartphone market with LG G3 and LG G4 and now with LG V10 they have set some new standards. Though LG did not launch this beast formally as a flagship device, it is by far the best LG device both regarding hardware, quality and benchmark results. And looking at the LG V10 price Singapore it seems that LG has priced their new smartphone wisely, and it will certainly be a huge hit.


For LG V10 price Singapore price of SGD 825, you get GSM, LTE, 3G and EVDO in one beast of a smartphone. LG V10 comes with Infrared port, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1 and USB port v2.0. All in all, it offers the latest connectivity that every high end and an average user require.

Display and Build Quality:

LG V10 Display

Talking about the display; LG V10 has a similar LCD panel as LG G4. However, it comes with an extra secondary display which offers some additional and exciting features. It is just like the edge display on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, but it is positioned differently and offers some additional features like checking your notifications and time. The good part is that you can even turn off this secondary display.
If you are looking for a sturdy smartphone, then you can get nothing better than LG V10. It has a stainless steel chassis covered with Chromium oxide and as soon as you scratch it reacts with oxygen and is automatically healed. Rest of the body consists of a silicon-like material which is two times more resistant to scratches than plastic.


LG V10 Battery

The Korean`s smartphone has Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808 processor clocked at 1.44 GHz and Adreno 418 GPU. The best thing about the smartphone is that it only comes with 64GB internal storage option and that too with microSD card support. Apart from this, you will get 4GB RAM, which is by far the highest amount RAM available in these days smartphones.


LG V10 Camera

LG V10 uses the same camera as that of LG G4, but it revamped camera software. The image quality is mind-blowing with rich details and no noise at all. The low light images were exceptional as well. We noticed an overall increase in the picture quality of LG V10 compared to the much loved LG G4.

However, the duo front camera of 5MP failed to impress us. There was a lot of noise in the images especially in low light and it even lacked the details. It would have been a perfect smartphone had LG used the same front snapper just like LG G4.


With LG V10 price Singapore at just $820, it looks like a perfect buy. It is strong, sturdy and beautiful with the latest hardware and a mammoth 4GB of RAMs. It has an amazing primary camera and an ordinary front facing snapper. All in all, it offers everything from first class hardware & software at its best. 

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