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iPad Air repair Singapore

No matter how well-taken care your iPad was, it will come when malfunction at the junction occurs in the long run.
If you happen to drop your tablet and cracked the display, or the battery depletes faster than usual, then it's time to scout for an on-demand repair shop nearby. Luckily, you don't need to spend hours Googling to find the best iPad Repair Singapore as Hitec Mobile is just located conveniently near Bugis MRT.
You can either book a ticket to have your device deliver to our repair shop, or schedule a visit. Every iPad owner hopes their tablet will be in good hands and emerged from the ordeal unscathed after being repaired by a professional Apple tech specialist. This is where Hitec Mobile comes into the picture. Our highly qualified motherboard level repairman will get things done in the most advanced and innovative ways in handling your device.
Don't hesitate anymore as time waits for no one and swing by to experience our most cost-effective and fast turnaround iPad repair service.

All-Around Repair Services

Having the iPad Air damaged always comes as a major shock, no matter what specifications your device has got. And things get even more worsened when your tablet is out of the warranty period. Imagine what will happen after you broke you iPad screen accidentally, you may feel the whole world crushing down on you. Many repair shops take undue advantage of this sudden situation by misleading you into believing the repair cost is cheaper than it was but ending up with a price shock only after it is fixed.

I had personally came across many repair shops only to end up paying more than what i expected for my faulty laptop and iPhones over the years. I finally decided to design an easy-to-use platform with transparent pricing for those looking for on-demand repair service. After upgrading of our equipment as well as online presence, i am proud to say that we had catered to over thousands of repairs for our happy customers and counting.

iPad Air 1 Repair Solutions
Sometimes due to mishandling, your beloved iPad are bound to drop on the hard surface. You may blame it on your luck, but the fact is an iPad without a protective cover, or tempered glass is like driving a car without insurance.
Fortunately, Hitec Mobile is here save your hard-earned money by providing face to face LCD replacement at our shop. Our repairman handles your iPad like a baby throughout the replacement process while you wait, you can shop around the area at the Bugis Junction shopping mall.
Sometimes, only the front glass is damaged, we only need iPad crack glass replacement. If unfortunately, the digitizer displays pixelated lines , burned marks, flickering or even worse completely blackout screen, then it's time to replace the full LCD panel.

Usually, it takes just a couple of hours for us to finish glass replacement. But there could be other existing problems, which have not been detected or fixed earlier. There could be another issue besides display for example, front camera, proximity sensor, or the power button. Once we detected other issues, we won't close one eye; customers will be notified first before we proceed with the repair. This is especially critical to provide the latest status and clear picture on the condition to avoid any misunderstanding.

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