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iPhone LCD Replacement

iPhone LCD Replacement

iPhone LCD Replacement Singapore

Difference Between Grade A and OEM LCD for iPhone Repair

Most individuals tend to lean towards iPhones due to their high-quality screen displays. However, it isn't uncommon to face problems with your phone's screen after some usage, such as accidentally cracking it. And in such instances, screen fixing can result in your iPhone getting replaced with a low quality or third party copy screen.

Although it is relatively easy to tell between real and fake screens, most users don't know how to. Here, we explain to you the main differences between Grade A and low-quality OEM screens used for repairing iPhones at independent phone repair shop.

Flex Cable Markings


Digitiser and Display are the two most essential components of an iPhone screen. If you're trying to figure out whether the parts of your screen are original, search for a "Apple" logo on both of these components. If the screens contain this marking, they are original pieces.

However, it is possible in some cases that one component may have the marking, and the other may not. For instance, the V shape on only a Digitizer Flex means that the Digitizer Flex is Grade A, but the screen is OEM.

IC Chip in LCD Flex Cable


The IC Chip located at the bottom of the LCD Flex is yet another great way of deciphering whether the repair components are Grade A soft panel type. An upside-down triangle engraving on the chip can only be found on OLED pieces, but not on the TFT OEM ones.

Avoid getting your iPhone LCD Replacement from vendors that low-quality IC Chips. This nifty chip monitors power and display information, and a fake one will not be able to take information to the LCD in an efficient and power-saving manner.

LCD Display Quality


Well-proportion resolution size and high-quality display are some of the distinctive features when it comes to iPhones, regardless of whether the screens are LCD or OLED.

Low-quality OEM screens, however, will be unable to replicate such quality. To identify whether your screen is which one, compare the original screen of iPhone with the copy screen next to each other. The retina display and HD quality DPI of the fake screen will be less desirable when compared to the defaul screen that come with the iPhone.

Cracked Screen Repair


Unintentionally and more often than not, we end up cracking our glass screens and need to get it replaced. It is best to make sure that the iPhone cracked screen replacement is Grade A and not low-quality.

There are a few notable qualities that high-quality iPhone screens have, such as water and scratch resistance properties and anti-fingerprint and anti-dust properties. These distinctive properties cannot be found in OEM glass screens

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We can replace iPhone with Grade A LCD for the following models.
iPhone LCD replacement: for display or touch not working need to change LCD module


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