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How do I pay with FavePay?

Guide on How to use FavePay

Step 1: Open Fave Apps on your mobile phone and tap on Scan Now on the bottom row.

Hitec Mobile is one of the selected partners on the Fave mobile app. Here, you can use FavePay to pay for any item or repair service during purchase at our Bugis Junction #03-24 outlet. Follow these steps to pay with FavePay:

how to use Favepay

Step 2A: Scan the FavePay QR code: Every partner has a unique QR code; tap this button and scan it

If you`re in front of a computer, you can scan the QR Code on the right to make a purchase. We will verify your payment via our merchant account.

how to use Favepay

Step 2B: Search For Our Shopfront In Fave Apps

You may also find our shop in Fave Apps by typing "Hitec Mobile" then tap on PAY to enter payment mode.

how to use Favepay

Step 3: Identify your Merchant

Make sure the QR Code you had scanned display the correct merchant name "Hitec Mobile" Also take note the address is the same outlet that you intend to purchase from.

how to use Favepay

Step 4: Enter Amount and Choose Payment Method

Enter the amount for your total bill, followed by the credit card details you wish to make payment.

how to use Favepay

Step 5: Add Alternative Payment Method

Once added, your added credit card will be instantly displayed on the Payment Method page. you may add an additional credit card highlighted in Red or select the E-wallet payment method via Grabpay. Click on "Connect" highlighted in Green to start.(You must have Grabpay registered phone number to receive log-in code)

how to use Favepay

Step 6: Tap PAYNOW To Complete Payment

Get cashback, feel like a boss: Get up to 5% instant cashback based on the bill amount paid for accessories and iPhone repair service (not including of handphone, smartwatches & tablet purchase or any amount paid with promo codes and cashback) to use on your next visit to HiTec Mobile outlet.

how to use Favepay