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In-store for the consumer is a more powerful Oneplus 8T 12GB RAM / 256GB storage model for $1,398. Compare to its Oneplus 7T counterpart, the current 8T version has a bigger 4300 mAh batteryas well as a faster 120 Hz refresh rate display while sporting a smaller a hole punch on the top left.

The OnePlus 8T Singapore is equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor with 5G modem, one of the most powerful chipsets to-date, Quad camera (48 MP wide +48 MP super-wide +5 MP 3Macro + 2 MP depth) and  OLED screen which runs at 120Hz refresh rate, as to compare to other displays on the market which runs at 60Hz.
Interestingly, although the device is quite expensive with respect to OnePlus standards, it is still relatively cheaper than similar phones from other brands. For instance, the OnePlus 8T is about $300 cheaper than Galaxy S20 Ultra. 
Still, at a retail price of 1,099 Singapore dollars, it’s still a good catch considering the price-point, without compromising top performance and the latest software.

The Oneplus 8T is now available to order from the Hitec Mobile website. You can pick up the standard model starting at $899 which gets you 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage or the higher grade 12GB RAM, 256GB ROM version.

All in all, the OnePlus Nord N10 Singapore makes a big hit in terms of affordability and some of the really impressive features like a 5G processor, 90 HZ regressing rate, efficient battery, robust memory, highly scalable storage, and sound quality. If you're willing to trade-off on some usual 2020 OnePlus smartphone features like display and design, Nord10 5G is for you!