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The Google Pixel 7 Pro boasts a large 6.7-inch display with a smooth refresh rate of 10-120Hz and LTPO9 technology. It also features the powerful Google Tensor G2 processor, which is integrated with Google AI for enhanced efficiency and security. However, no matter how much an owner take care of their device, accidents can happen. If your Pixel 7 Pro are susceptible to wear and tear or water damage, seek professional repair services at a nearby Hitec repair shop.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Screen Repair

Have you ever encounter an event the results in a broken screen on your Pixel 7 Pro? Do not fret as we can resolve it in a matter of minutes. How did you manage to fix it in such a short period of time? You may ask. Well, our in-house mobile phone technicians have the knowledge and capabilities. The technician who are assigned with the task will start the repairing process by first diagnosing the phone LCD for related issues, then recommend our customers whether front screen or the entire Pixel LCD display should be replace. Upon agree with the repair works and price, he will then began installing the parts and test to ensure that the phone is fully functional before handing over to our customer.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Battery Replacement

The Pixel 7 Pro features a 5000mAh battery with fast wireless charging, ensuring you stay powered up all day and beyond. However, if you notice your device's battery suddenly drains faster than usual or deteriorates slowly over time, rest assured Hitec Repair have your back. Besides having wealth of experience and expertise in Google Pixel 7 Pro battery replacement, we also are able diagnois and fix any further power related issues that even replacing a new battery cannot solve.


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Specialize Trained Technician

Hitec Mobile consists of highly-trained staffs who are meticulous in every details. Our technician are trained intensively for Google Pixel phone repairs so that you can be assured of leaving our shop with a working Google Pixel on hand and having piece of mind knowing that there will be no more occurring issues with your phone. Therefore, you can rest assured that our experts will do everything in their power to fix your issues and provide you with the service required.

High-Quality OEM Parts

As a renowned Google Repair Service Center, our team of experts provide an Express Repair Service for all Pixel users. Each Pixel phone component we use is of the highest quality sourced direct from the factory. They’re also backed by Hitec limited 30-days warranty, thus you can be sure that your Pixel phone will be up and running to its highest standard. Judging by the quality parts used to fix your device, you might notice the same feel as getting a new phone out of the box…..

Hitec Mobile

If you are in need of a Pixel, Pixel 4, 4A, Pixel 5, Pixel 5A, Pixel 6 or 6 Pro repair, whether it is a screen repair or a battery replacement, contact us today and let us humbly help you get your mobile works again. For other make repair service, refer to iPhone Repair Page

Frequently asked questions about Google Pixel Phone repair

Can you explain the distinction between front glass repair and screen repair? Also, why is the cost identical for both services?

Ans. The front glass serves as a protective layer for the screen and reinforces the inner display. The LCD/Amoled screen, located just beneath the front glass, comprises the touch input (digitizer) and display. Should the front glass crack under impact, your phone can still operate with broken front glass; however, a damaged inner display panel, the touch functions may not work, display black patches or totally blank screen.
The price for both repair is similar as the screen is difficult to replace seperately as they are securely bonded together and any attempt to seperate it will permanently damage the display.

Which type of quality parts do you use for for replacing Pixel phones?

Ans. We only use top-grade replacement parts to fix your Google phone. These parts undergo thorough testing before we install them. For Pixel screen replacements, we use Google same specification to ensure a flawless repair.

Can my phone still maintain its waterproof capabilities after it has undergone repair?

Ans. While we use only the highest quality parts and bonding materials for repairs, we are unable to guarantee that your waterproof phone will remain water-resistant after repair. This is because the manufacturer's internal tests determine the phone's water resistance when it is produced. Although we believe that your phone should retain some level of water resistance, we strongly advise against exposing it to water.

Do you provide a warranty for repairs on all Google phones?

Ans. We provide a 30-day on-site warranty covering parts and labor for all hardware repairs. However, for LCD screens, we can only provide checking service in case of any issue related to a loose connection, our technician can help you reconnect back properly. After we install your lcd screen, we will conduct QC test to make sure it meet the requirements. Also during collection, kindly double-check the display to ensure no issue on the spot. In case of flickering or pixel/line/ black spots/touch issues on the screen after some time, 99% chances are caused by mishandling so there will be no 1-to-1 exchange once we diagnose the problem with your phone.

What is the expected turnaround time if u send my Pixel phone for repair?

Ans. The time it takes to repair depends on what kind of issue. For no power issue, technician need to diagnose first if battery or charging port is the problem. If the device first bring to our shop display is not working or totally blank screen, we will replace another LCD screen to ensure that it will work. These issues mentioned only takes 1 hour to solve.
If, after check is motherboard issue need to repair ic soldered on the board, provided we have the necessary parts in stock, we can fix it within 2 working days, or even the next day. However, water damage, diagnostic services, or software issues may take a few days to repair. To avoid disappointment, please Whatsapp us first to check if we have the necessary parts.

Will you delete my phone data and files after repair?

Ans. Rest assured that we definitely will not delete any of your precious data during the repair process. Your valuable files will remain completely intact throughout the entire process. We will only request your password to test your phone once the repair is completed, and we guarantee complete discretion in accordance with our privacy policy. However, in the rare event of unforeseen complications, we cannot be held responsible for any data loss. Please carefully review our privacy policy for more information.