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iPad Battery Replacement

iPad Battery Replacement

iPad Battery Replacement Singapore

Things to take note


Are you searching for a dependable company that can effectively replace your iPad’s battery without any issues? It is of utmost importance to engage a reliable repair service that provides iPad repair in Singapore. If you face battery issues in your device, you need to get the problems checked as it is the most crucial component of your iPad. Availing professional and well-known companies providing iPad Battery Replacement in Singapore will help you get your device fixed quickly without any issues.

Most users tend to brush aside battery-related issues, which should not be the case. Overcharging, heating up issue, not charging correctly, or quick drainage of charge are a few iPad Motherboard repair issues that should be dealt with immediately. If your battery is bloated, you should also get it checked out as the battery might inevitably explode and cause harm.
Reach out to a professional repair provider if you have any of these battery-related issues to get your device fixed and returned on the same day. Our in-house skilled technicians will help restore your iPad without compromising on the quality.

Professionals Ready to Service You


Most users fear their device might get damaged during these repair services, but the best companies offering iPad LCD Replacement will ensure this does not happen. A specialist will help guide you on what type of approach you should take for a battery-related issue. They will detect the root problem and eliminate it. A cautious and safe approach will be taken during the fixing process by these professional companies.

Contacting companies that are not as well-versed in such services may result in your iPad getting damaged during the repair process. These unskilled workers may not be able to detect the root cause of the issue.
Improper care will cause the problem to only be dealt with for a short while, resulting in multiple trips to getting your battery related issues solved on a timely basis, which will both be costly and time-consuming.
Because of these reasons, it is highly essential only to avail of services from the best repair shop.

We can replace iPad with Grade A battery for the following models:


Product ImageProduct ModelView
Apple iPad Pro 9.7
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 6
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 5
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 4
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 3
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 2
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Gen 1
Apple iPad Pro 11 Gen 4
Apple iPad Pro 11 Gen 3
Apple iPad Pro 11 Gen 2
Apple iPad Pro 11 Gen 1
Apple iPad Pro 10.5
Apple iPad Mini 6
Apple iPad Mini 5
Apple iPad mini 4
Apple iPad Mini 3
Apple iPad mini 2 Wi-Fi+
Apple iPad mini 1 Wi-Fi+
Apple iPad Air 5
Apple iPad Air 4
Apple iPad Air 3
Apple iPad Air 2
Apple iPad Air 1 Wi-Fi+
Apple iPad 9th Gen 10.2
Apple iPad 8th Gen 10.2
Apple iPad 7th Gen 10.2
Apple iPad 6th Gen 9.7
Apple iPad 5th Gen 9.7
Apple iPad 4
Apple iPad 3
Apple iPad 10th Gen 10.9