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Oppo Repair Singapore

If you’re looking for an affordable, trustworthy repair service for your Oppo device, then Hitec Mobile boasts a team of highly-qualified professionals who provide excellent repair services across the entire Singapore region. Your phone may not be functioning properly, or perhaps one of the parts got damaged. If that’s the case, consider visiting our repair shop. We are open from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM. During this period, our team with full of experts offer high-quality repair services throughout the week. You can get your damaged parts repaired or replaced in no time. This includes motherboard repairs, faulty display replacement, or individual parts like a battery or charging port, etc. Once you bring your device to us, we can recondition it within an hour or two on the exact same day. Meanwhile, you can roam around Bugis Junction or the shopping malls nearby with several amenities. At Hitec Mobile, we provide a 30-day service warranty for all types of device repairs. For Oppo users, we offer services including heating issue, water damage, battery or charger replacement, cracked screen or screen freeze issues, and many more. We’re proud to say that our technicians are able to handle any sort of “technical issue” you throw at them in a very professional manner.

Oppo Service Centre requires 3 days or up to a week to service you device, that’s why you are required to factory reset everything before sending down to the service centre. If you do not want your data to be wipe out, while need the phone back urgently within couple of hour, we are the solution to your problem so you do not waste time visiting the service centre.

Are you looking to repair iPhone instead? If this page does not have the model you want to fix, please Visit our iPhone Repair parts price list.

Here are some of the most common issues Oppo users are facing during warranty period or out of warranty.


Top 6 Most Common Oppo Repair

Oppo Screen Replacement

Oppo Battery Replacement


Oppo Battery Replacement

Another common issue found in Oppo devices is with the battery. Since Oppo is a reputable brand that features Lithium-ion batteries in all of their devices, the battery issue doesn’t occur that quickly in Oppo phones. While the battery lifespan of Oppo phones is respectively good, it’s still a problem that many of their devices face. Several Oppo phone models don’t come with a removable battery, just like the iPhone devices.

As a result, they run out of juice at some point and require a replacement. Therefore, if your battery starts draining faster than usual or if you feel like you need to replace your battery, consult with our expert team who can fix your issue.

We uses Oppo phone’s battery similar grade with the main manufacturers. You can rest assured that our service center is one of the best in Singapore when it comes to repairing Oppo smartphones.


Oppo Charging Port Replacement


Oppo Charging Port Replacement

How can you tell if your charging port is damaged and needs a replacement? This is probably the most commonly asked question by many users when it comes to faulty ports in Oppo phones. The answer is pretty straightforward: If you plug in the USB cable to your charging port to charge your phone or connect it to the computer, it should work. If it doesn’t, that means you have a faulty charging port. Luckily, our experts’ team is skilled enough to identify any charging port issues in Oppo phones. Once identified, we can let you know whether or not the problem is with your charging port. If your charging flex requires a replacement, we can help you with that as well. Sometimes, the problem with Oppo phone’s charging port needs an immediate replacement for a permanent fix to the issue. Simply bring your Oppo smartphone to our repair shop, regardless of the model you have, and we assure to fix it as per your requirements.


Oppo Speaker Replacement


Oppo Speaker Replacement

We all love music. Gone are the days of listening to music on iPods and mp3 players. Now, we can do that easily on our smartphones, along with streaming music videos or playing games. Phones these days come equipped with built-in speakers that allow us to listen to music, as well as different audio files. That said, the Oppo Speaker repair is yet another common issue in Oppo devices that people face for various reasons. It’s easy to identify whether or not you have bad speakers on your Oppo device. For instance, if you raise your volume to the max and start hearing sound distortion, it means your speakers buzzer are not working properly Sometimes, adjusting the volume up will resulted in no sound at all. Whatever the cause is, your speakers need to be replace. The first recommended procedure you can do to troubleshoot speaker issue is by wiping away dust or sandy particles around and inside the speaker with a toothbrush and lens cloth coated with alcohol.

If the issue is not due to debris blocking the speaker, then it’s time you took your phone to a repair shop. You’re in luck as our team of Oppo phone service engineer can help you determine the issue you’re facing with your speakers and fix it accordingly.

Oppo Camera Replacement


Oppo Camera Replacement

Oppo smartphones are well-known for their excellent cameras. The company has always had good cameras implemented into their smartphones, be it the front selfie camera or the rear camera. In fact, there was a time when Oppo used to be the go-to phone to take a picture with.

But the competition has since gotten harder. Many companies offer good quality cameras in their budget to premium phones, and so does Oppo. Oppo boasts deep sensors and optical zoom features on their cameras. This makes them easily one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the market. They have a loyal consumer-base who still use their phones because of the camera quality. You can say that it’s Oppo’s best selling point.

However, with great power, comes great responsibility. And if that camera gets damaged somehow, you’ll most likely lose the best feature of your Oppo phone. The camera can get damaged or broken in many ways. Maybe it slipped out of your pocket in a way that damaged its back camera. If it’s a major fall, however, then chances are it could damage the entire camera mechanism.

Regardless of the reason, you can get your camera fixed by our in-house Oppo repair technicians either by replacing a new camera lens or cracked glass.

Oppo Water Damage Repair


Oppo Water Damage Repair

If you have an Oppo device, you would bring it to work or school almost every day, exposing your phone to any harmful elements or risk of accidental knocks. Out of all the issues mentioned above that an Oppo device may face, liquid damage happens to be one of the most critical ones.

Your Oppo device may be IP certified and has higher rated ATM level. But none of that means anything if there’s an exposure to liquid, whether it is water, coffee, tea, or any form of beverages. This can cause serious damage to your Oppo device. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that a repair on a water damaged Oppo phone will fix the issue.

Therefore, chemical wash is to prevent any other further damage cause by corrosion. Most smartphones these days, including Oppo, has a water damage indicator embedded both on the bottom of the dock-connector housing or inside the headphone socket.

Some Oppo devices, however, come with a liquid damage indicator implemented on the inside of the nano-SIM card slot. Our technician can tell the level of liquid damage your Oppo phone had to by reading both water damage indicator and test the voltage of every parts using a multimeter. Hence, we are able to advise on the next step to repair your faulty parts or even motherboard ic chip.