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The Asus ROG 6 Pro is the ultimate gaming phone, boasting the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform and a GameCool 6 thermal system that is unmatched in its class. With a groundbreaking 165 Hz display, you can surpass all expectations of a gaming phone and break barriers that only gaming laptops is capable of.
Take your gaming to the next level with the AirTrigger 6 system and Armoury Crate app. With a powerful 6000 mAh battery, you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay for hours.

FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About ROG Phone Repair

What is the cost of repairing the display screen of an Asus ROG Phone 6 in Singapore?

Ans. The price for repairing the screen of your Asus ROG Phone 6 varies depending on the method you choose. You can either take it to an authorized Asus service center, a local repair shop, or fix it yourself.

Q: Asus Authorized Service Center Pros and Cons

Ans. For the best quality replacement screen for your Asus device, it's recommended to visit an authorized Asus service center while your device is still under warranty. This ensures a 100% genuine replacement screen. However, it's not advisable for out-of-warranty or export set devices as the service center may charge a hefty repair fee.

Q: Local Repair Shop In Your Area Pros and Cons

Ans. Alternatively, you can visit a local mobile repair shop in your area for a better price deal, but keep in mind that the parts used may not be of the same quality and the warranty may not be as reliable. Be cautious of shops that claim to have original parts for a higher price, as it's unlikely they have partnerships with Asus. In fact, the only way they may have original parts is if they were removed from another phone.

Q: Why Choose Us?

Ans. We are an independent repair service that specializes in repairing Apple products. However, our Apple certified technicians can also repair smartphones from other brands. Our repair standards are top-notch, as evidenced by our certifications from Apple. We take great care to thoroughly inspect and test the LCD screen and ensure that the digitizer is properly installed onto the frame. Additionally, we use only the highest quality OEM AMOLED displays, which are 95 to 99% as good as the original LCD screen.


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Asus ROG Phone Repair

What happens when your Asus phone suddenly can't power on without giving any symptoms? Sometimes, accidental falls or knocks are unavoidable, especially your Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5, or ROG Phone repair is supposed to handle with care.
Below are the most common Asus phone repair we had encountered.

1. Sudden Death/ Stuck At Logo

If your out of battery zenfone somehow does not switch on suddenly. Or it keeps rebooting by itself without any reason. Probably your motherboard had some physical damage, or due to overheating.
One trick maybe will work is to try hard reset by pressing the volume down and power button simultaneously for 5 seconds. If the phone can boot up to the home screen, you`re in luck! Otherwise, be prepared to fork out a hefty sum if you opt to patronize your local Asus service center.
In this case, choose Hitec Repair as your service provider. We provide efficient and speedy recovery for your ROG Phone 2 repair ; what's more, your data will remain intact as our repair shop only fix the affected parts.

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2. LCD Replacement

We all know the benefits of having a larger display, but that extra dimension means more prone to cracks or internal damage as the glass covering the LCD is thinner than a smaller display.
At Hitec Repair, we source only Grade A meaning the best quality LCD display in the market from our trustworthy supplier. We welcome you to experience our face to face repair at our Bugis shop. This way, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you will not be short-changed. We can't say the same for other establishments who operates behind closed door, for crying out loud.

3. Charging Port Replacement

When you attempt to plug in the charging cable the wrong way, it may cause the charging port to become loose or worse, pin broken inside. Other causes, such as water damage, will endanger your phone motherboard.
The repercussion is due to plugging in to charge when the port is wet. Before you do anything, bring it to Hitec Repair shop for chemical wash to prevent internal corrosion.

Home base repair service

A piece of good repair advice is required when your Asus phone is facing with such problems mentioned before. With many years of expertise in repair all types of Android devices, we are competent and always ready to fix your handset and restore to former glory!
Make an appointment by first choosing your phone model and repair option before making your way down to our shop. Alternatively, you can select a doorstep collection option and we will come to fix your Asus phone anywhere in Singapore!