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Apple Watch Series 5 40mm
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Apple Watch Series 2 38mm
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Apple Watch Repair Singapore

The Apple Watch offers a high resolution toughened screen, a choice of wrist straps and water-resistant tech. Plus, the ability to answer calls and texts and even comes complete with several innovative health and wellness trackers. The result is one of the most advanced smartwatches available today.

But what do you do to ensure it stays that way? Our dedicated team can replace the retina display in less than 1 hour, change your strap with ease, and return your watch with a 30-day warranty.

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Whats Separates Us From Our Competitor?

Our team knows the Apple ecosystem inside out. That means we know exactly what's needed to repair your device to the highest standards. With more than six years' experience repairing every type of Apple device, we're proud to be those you can trust.

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What Are The 3 Most Frequent Repairable Apple Watch Parts:

1. Apple Watch Screen Replacement: Aluminum bodied Apple Watches come with Ion-X glass. And the premium stainless steel models come with a tougher sapphire crystal display. Both types of glass are, highly impact-resistant and scratch proof and neither will shatter upon impact. However, it is possible to crack the screen, which will then force you to find a team that can repair it.
Avoid trying to repair it yourself as the internal Flexi-cable can be easily damaged, permanently disabling your device. Always seek the input of an experienced team of experts, and you'll be able to enjoy a watch that's as good as new in no time.

Are you interested in the best workmanship for your precious iWatch? Read Apple Watch Screen Replacement Singapore


2. Apple Watch Water Damage Repair: Just because the Apple Watch is water-resistant does not mean that it's 100% waterproof. Submerging your watch for a prolonged period of time will cause damage sooner rather than later, and is, therefore, best avoided.
But in today's busy world, it's not always possible to avoid accidents that pose a threat to your Apple Watch.
For example, the ions in water interfere with the delicate circuitry inside your device, causing any number of short circuits. Without the correct approach, they can be impossible to remove, resulting in erratic behavior or complete system failure.
To give yourself the best possible chance of repairing your device, take a look at these three things you should do immediately:

  • Shut Down Your Apple Watch: The key thing to know here is that provided there's no power, your watch won't be damaged by water. That means you need to turn it off the moment you get your hands on it to limit the damage.
    That will help protect it and give you time to start addressing the issue at hand with the next step.

  • Dry it Out: This can be easier said than done, but the more diligently you do it, the more likely your device will make a full recovery. If you want to give it the best possible chance, shake it and blow it to get any water out. Afterward, leave somewhere safe it dry overnight.

  • Use the Digital Crown: Lastly, start turning the crown until you see your watch boot back up. It will then play a startup sound which should be enough to drive any remaining water out of the speakers. You will likely feel a small trickle of water on your wrist, so remove your watch, dry it and then put it back on.

If these tricks don`t work, you may wish to jump ahead to the next section on, How to Prevent Water Damage Apple Watch from Sustaining More Faults.

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3. Apple Watch Battery Replacement: Batteries have long been the weak point of mobile devices, and Apple Watches are no different. If you find that it takes too long to charge, goes flat too quickly or just keeps cutting out, you likely have a battery issue.
The problem for the casual user is Apple Watch battery Replacement is a highly skilled and complicated process. To ensure that you don't damage your device or invalidate the warranty unnecessarily, we always recommend seeking input from an expert team.
With working experience of every Apple Watch model, our team is always available to quickly and efficiently swap out your battery.
Ultimately, our purpose is to breathe new life into your Apple device.

Find out on, How to Detect Your Apple Device Battery Is Due For Replacement for more information.

apple watch repair singapore

Apple Watch Series 4 Repair

When it comes to Apple watch repair Singapore, we are the preferred choice for a huge number of satisfied customers. Our proficient technicians are capable of handling everything with utmost proficiency, be it screen repairing, back glass replacement, or fixing any other issues in any version of your Apple Watch Series 4 Repair.

Apple Watch Series 5 Repair

We do all types of Apple Watch Series 5 repair along with screen replacement and support. We will start working on the issues as soon as you visit our repair shop. In addition to fixing them, the battery can be replaced at a minimal cost, if needed. You can take a look at our website to view pricing or contact us to talk to one of our Apple watch repair Singapore experts.

FAQ: Everything You Need To Know About Apple Watch Repair

Q. What do I do if I cracked my Apple Watch back glass?

A. If you take it to Apple, they would charge a premium for a replacement device instead of just fixing the cracked front or back glass on the Apple Watch. Even if your device is still covered under warranty, you will not be able to claim under warranty because damage caused by mishandling is not covered.

Instead, you should visit a repair shop whose technicians are trained at the component level. This way, they can replace the Apple Watch back glass.

The reason behind it is because the service centre technicians are not trained at the component level. Therefore, they are not able to replace parts of the Apple Watch.

Q: How much is it to fix a cracked Apple Watch?

A. According to Apple Singapore's website, the cost to repair broken glass on Series 4 to Series 6 ranges from $449 to $519.

Here is how much Apple Service Center charges for cracked glass repair for all models if your Apple Watch is out of warranty.

Another cheaper alternative to having your iWatch screen repaired by an independent repair shop courtesy of Hitec Repair Bugis. Not only can we restore your damaged watch face to pristine condition on the same day, but your data will not be lost.

Q: Only my glass is cracked; why do I need to replace the entire LCD panel?

A. The screen is fixed to the digitizer, although the front glass and LCD panel can be separated using reglassing tools. This explains why the glass is cracked but the touch function and display still work. The tricky part is that the fragment cuts through the digitizer when the front assembly is removed from the badly cracked glass. The debris then causes a dead pixel and continues to spread over time. So for most Apple Watch displays, we have to replace the entire LCD assembly when the glass is cracked. However, we can offer a cheaper replacement for just the glass if the crack lines do not affect the OLED display.

Q:How do I know if my Apple watch needs a new battery?

A. You can check your Battery Health right on your Apple Watch in the Settings app.

From your watch setting menu, you can access information about your battery's health and usage by following these steps:

Go to Settings > tap on Battery icon > scroll to Battery Health and tap on it.

You can now see the maximum capacity under Battery Health.

When it drops below 80%, the Service sign will be displayed, indicating that it is time to replace your watch battery.

Q: Can you pair Apple watch without resetting?

A.  Since the wearable supports single-device pairing, you can only pair your Apple Watch with a new iPhone by first resetting your iWatch to factory settings. Meaning if previously your content is synced from another phone, you cannot import it over to a new device.

Q: Should I charge my Apple watch every night?

A.  The Apple Watch battery consumption for an average user is about 50 to 70 percent per day. If you charge your Apple Watch every night, you can start the day with a fully charged battery. Frequently charging your Apple Watch will not affect the health of your battery.

Q: Why is the digital crown on my Apple Watch not working?

A. What should you do if your Apple Watch does not respond when you press and rotate the crown:

• Hard reboot by pressing the power button and the digital crown at the same time, then release both buttons when you see the Apple logo.

• If the digital crown still does not respond, unpair your iWatch from your iPhone by opening the Apple Watch apps, then go to the My Watch tab and click Unpair Apple Watch.

 • Finally, factory reset your iWatch to factory mode by navigating to the Settings menu and selecting General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

If the issue still persists, consult an Apple Watch technical expert for help.

Q: Why does the crown on my Apple Watch stuck?

A. One of the most common issues with the iWatch is that the Digital Crown does not rotate clockwise or counter clockwise. This may be due to dirt or small particles that have become lodged in the mechanism.

You can try to troubleshoot the issue by following these simple steps:

  1. First turn off your iWatch, then unplug it from the power adapter.
  2. Remove the wristband from the watch.
  3. Clean the gap between the crown and housing with an alcohol swab, then wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth.

While cleaning, press and turn the digital crown to release the rotary axis.

Q: Do you offer a repair discount for device with multiple issues?

A.  If your iWatch has 2 or more issues, get in touch with us via Whatsapp 91822795 and we can work out a bundle deal for you.