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At Hitec Mobile Repair, our online LG, HTC and Nokia repair service is quick and easy to use. First, select your handset model below. Next, select the parts you like to fix. Next, fill in the order form to complete the order, you will get a confirmation email with appointment time and date.

We offer a wide range of repairs on devices, including all the contemporary models, such as the Sony Xperia X, LG G6, Asus Zenfone 6 and HTC 10. At Hitec Repair, we only use the best possible Grade A parts for all our repairs which are sourced from the best suppliers.We offer many different mobile phone repair services including LCD or screen repairs, charging port repairs, front and back camera repairs, loudspeaker repairs and many more.


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Phone Repair Singapore

Singapore aka The Garden City never fails to impress tourists and visitors of how clean and environmentally friendly our nation is, and rightfully so. We had shown to the world although we adapt to technology faster than most of our neighboring countries, we are still conservative towards a recyclable product, especially when it comes to smartphones. We all know every Singaporean owns at least one handset, we also like to go for the latest trends and gadgets that caught our eyes. That`s why we are always stuck with old, unused devices in our drawer or lying somewhere in the storeroom. Thankfully, you can now sell away your good condition phone for some cash or you may send it to an iPhone repair Singapore shop if the screen is cracked or cannot switch on. The repaired device can be passed to the younger ones knowing you had saved quite a sum instead of buying a new phone for them.

You bought it. You own it.

Would you buy a computer if it is illegal to replace the hard disk? Would you buy a bicycle if it was illegal to replace the brakes? When there`s only a service center in your area, high chances are they will shoot up the prices and their service quality sucks. The manufacturer had restricted the Macbook repair vendors from repairing customer`s device so that they have the monopoly right to charge exorbitant fees for the repair that is outside of warranty claim. For example, a Macbook Pro 13-inch with Retina display could set you back at $698 to $1098 depending on which tier your Macbook condition belongs to. A Macbook Pro screen replacement with the same quality of work only costs $500 at a repair shop outside. The list goes on for cheaper iPad repair and Apple Watch Repair if your compare with Apple store, which they will attempt to upsell by coaxing you to ditch your current Apple device for a new replacement set.
If you had purchased an Apple Care protection plan, you could get it to replace at no cost. Otherwise, be prepared to fork out a hefty sum that could cost half the amount of a brand new Macbook to get it fixed.
To sum it up, it really makes no sense to go to Apple store for repair service. Instead, opt for your friendly Hitec Repair shop for a free, no-obligation diagnostic service to determine your device issue.

It doesn`t take a rocket scientist to figure it out on how much you would save. It`s about time to stand by our right to fix, repair or modify our property and don`t let the manufacturer manipulates you. Our team of technicians are here to stand by to help you solve your computer and mobile phone hardware woes.
We also wrote some useful guides on finding the best iPhone repair shop in Singapore for your reference.

Companies don`t want you to get their product fixed.

It took many complaints and civil lawsuits to force Apple to offer partially sponsored Battery Replacement Program for the iPhone. They had finally admitted to the fact that the iPhone 6 and 6S is running iOS 10.2.1 version can make the battery of the older device to drain faster and shut down automatically. But even so, their repair service is still expensive compared to ours as we only charge $30 for an iPhone 6 battery.

Identify Your Mobile Device

Sometimes, accidents happen when you dropped your phone in the water or cracked the screen. Other times it may be due to prolonged usage that causes LCD to overheat and form dark shadow marks. In those moments, you grind your teeth for not putting on a protective case or extend the warranty period for another year. Nevertheless, you can still find a reputable Samsung phone repair shop in Singapore to fix all the problems you may face. Problem is, identifying your device may be a challenge for most of us who are not so tech-savvy as the manufacturer does not print out the model name or SKU on the back cover. Worse still, your device may not even switch on to view and identify the device. Fortunately, you can count on us by bringing the phone to our shop at Bugis Junction for a free diagnostic test.

Guide On How to Replace Your iPhone 6S Battery

If you have some technical background, we have a video guide on how to remove the battery and replace it. Use the step by step instructions to revive your iPhone 6S. For best result, calibrate your newly installed battery by draining to 0 per cent before charging it up fully without interference for at least 3 hours.

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What If Your Accidentally Dropped Your Phone Into Water?

Water damage happens when the phone gets wet, or its water-sensitive electronics contact with water or similar liquids. Even a tiny drop of water or sweat can result in anything from a slight defect to heavy corrosion that causes damage on the motherboard.
So, it is better to avoid contact with water in the first place. Some simple habits can help you do this. For example, never leave your phone and alongside liquid-based items inside your bag at the same time or avoid using your phone inside the toilet. Above all else, consider using a water-resistance case during rainy days.

By checking the iPhone Water Damage Indicator inside the iPhone`s sim-tray slot, you can quickly tell if water has damaged your iPhone or not. If you find the red or pink color, that means the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) is activated, and the phone is already liquid damaged. And, if you see a white or silver color instead of red color, that means the phone is not yet water damaged.
Even if your phone is not showing any symptoms and working correctly after falling into the water, you should immediately take some precautions. First of all, turn off your phone instantly, because liquid inside the phone will cause electric current shortage if the iPhone switches on. Secondly, take out the sim tray and dry the internal slot with cotton bud.

Thirdly, keep the phone in a dry and warm place (for example, in a sunny position, besides oven or on the TV monitor). You can use an electric fan, hairdryer. But try to avoid hot air blown because it might extensively heat the interior and severely damage it while there is water inside. You can also place the phone to uncooked dry rice dry silica.

We, the HiTec Mobile, can be your most trusted repair center as we have experienced experts who can take care of your phone softly. We will run a diagnosis and fix your phone within a couple of hours or maybe less time at our store.