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Trade-in Phone

Disclaimer: Please Read Trade-in Phone Terms & Conditions Below Before Coming To Deal.

  1. We reserve the right to reject set which does not fit our criteria without prior notice
  2. Price listed is for indicative purpose, check only when about to sell on the spot as we don`t log-in price
  3. We accept all brands both sealed or opened box set with no deduction, box torn or not complete set we take it as used set
  4. Brand new means never test or charge handset before, factory packed accessories must not be open or used.
  5. All price listed are non-negotiable and for local warranty set with full box. Export set accepted but must deduct.
  6. We do not accept defective or water damage set, handset beyond repair or parts not working will be rejected.
  7. Phone cosmetic condition will be deducted accordingly to major or minor scratch or dent.
  8. For Brand New iPhone X, 8/ 8 Plus /7 /7 Plus; activate less than 3 days -$20, less than 1 week -$40, more than 1 week not accepted.
  9. Registration of personal particular & seller`s identity card is compulsory as we need to scan if imei is reported lost or stolen in police website



Trade in iPhone X

Have you book your iPhone X yet? Do you know that selling / trade-in your iPhone from Telco or Applestore during the first few weeks during launch can earn you extra income for up to $2,000 Singaporean dollar more? So what are you waiting for, drop us a Live Chat to sell or Sign up to our mailing list by filling opt-in email at the bottom page to find out more about our latest products and services we have to offer.

Trade-in Phone

How To Sell Your New & Used Phones:-

1. Get a free offer:
Simply call, Whatsapp or Register your interest & tell us your soon-to-be sell phone model, memory size & conditions.

2. Bring it to Hitecmobile at Bugis Junction #03-24 or 5 Harper Road #06-04:-
It's free quotation for all, no obligation. We'll check out your gadget as soon as we receive it.

3. Your privacy is our priority
Data will be wiped off completely when during trading process, please backup your device before heading down to our store.

4. Get paid fast:
Cash payment upon registration of ur particular which is compulsory for licensing regulatory.

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