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Surface Pro Repair in Singapore

Microsoft introduces us to a new category of technology that has changed the industry forever - Surface Pro. It can work as a laptop and tablet at the same time that comes with an incredibly thin, light, sturdy, and connected keyboard. The Microsoft surface is super popular among the Windows users for its enhanced portability, increased power, and incredible versatility. With features like Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft office, and much more - you can seemingly experience all of your phone apps and windows timeline that will bridge the gap between your mobile phone and PC.
Because Microsoft Surface is an incredibly convenient and portable device, users typically take this device with them on-the-go. As a result, it often suffers from different kinds of damage, like cracked screens, water damage, battery damage, etc. When you happen to face those damage in Singapore, you will find very few repair centers that have experts who can adequately repair those issues effectively.
Rejoice now because at Hitec Mobile, our expert technician had the experience and tools required to handle nearly every type of Microsoft surface damage. With fast turn around and experienced expert service, Hitec Mobile has become one of the best Microsoft Surface Pro repair centers in Singapore.

surface pro repair singapore

Which Microsoft Surface Model Do You Often Repair?

At Hitec Mobile, you will get the right repair solution for every current popular model or earlier, including surface pro 4 and 5 launched in 2017. The more recent model for example, Surface Pro 6 and Pro X, can also be repaired at our repair shop. The following briefly describes the characteristic of the Surface Pro models:

Surface Pro 2

If you are looking for a tablet that can work as a laptop too, there can be nothing better than the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 in that case. It was launched in 2013, and still, now it remains one of the most popular tablets available in the market today. Its super-responsive touch or high performing processor will let you do whatever was not possible with any tablet before.
Though it has pretty good in-built materials, it is still prone to certain types of damage, including screen crack, screen scratch, water damage, broken screen, speaker damage, battery damage, and so on. In some cases, it will happen over time due to wear and tear. If your Microsoft Surface Pro 2 needs immediate maintenance service, just walk-in to our Bugis Junction shop, and our friendly staff will take care of the rest.

Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 is a tad lighter and thinner version than the previous two versions. Not only it is well-engineered interior and exterior, it also comes with an optimized digital pen for writing and drawing. No matter well-build it is, the device is still prone to software or hardware issues. Besides the usual suspect, the tablet is more prone to calibration touch screen and cannot boot up error problems.
At Hitec Mobile, we have the right solution for different types of surface pro repair. What's more, you may bring along your faulty table for a no-obligation diagnosis and price quote.

Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is built as a replacement for your Windows laptop. This tablet from surface series gives you the power to do what you need while it becomes lighter than ever before. It was launched in the market in October 2015, and even years after its release, it remains one of the fastest running tablets available in the market. With its 12.3 inches PixelSense screen, high contrast, and low glare, you can work all day long without straining your eyes.
The worst scenario that can happen to your laptop is your SSD memory has a lot of bad sectors, preventing you from retrieving your data. Water damage or moisture residing inside the hard disk may also cause this issue. In this case, the right approach is to repair your SSD in a Cleanroom. We will then proceed with software optimization to partition bad sectors from the good ones. Usually, if no major issue, the data can be recovered within 1 to 2 days.

Surface Pro 5

The Surface Pro 5`s impressive productivity and fantastic versatility make it the ideal tablet for home, travel, or official use.
Some of the most common issues, including Keyboard not working due to bios firmware, Touchscreen panel cracked due to impact or drop and Can power on but no Display issue. You can rely on your repair partner to have ready stock for the touchscreen so that we can replace the faulty part in no time.

Surface Pro 6

The Surface Pro 6 comes with a faster than ever, the latest 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor and longer battery life than can perform up to 9 hours at stress. This ultra-lightweight, versatile surface pro model will instantly adapt to you and let you go from laptop to tablet to the portable studio anytime. So if you want to do everything from browsing the internet to doing the office work, you can rely on Surface Pro 6.
With more powerful processor and bigger memory comes overloading issues. If you did not manage your file and do maintenance very often, you might face with overheating issues that might affect the motherboard stability. Static due to heat is the main culprit that cripple your Surface Pro and cause auto restart issue.

Surface Pro 7

The latest version of the surface pro model by Microsoft has been released in late October 2019 that is designed to give you the power to do more. With 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, surface Pro 7- allows you faster multitasking speed. So experience the world-class performance with the Surface Pro 7. It is now ready to be the perfect device for your office work, academic research, gaming, or on-screen writing. Thankfully, it has an advanced Wi-Fi 6 facility that gives you better internet speed and better browsing experience.

surface pro repair singapore


As a portable and versatile device, people love to take their Surface Pro everywhere. With a bigger screen, it carries greater possibilities of different type's accidental damage. Some of the common problems that Hitec Mobile has to have often to deal with are as follows:

Surface Pro LCD Replacement -

Surface Pro Touch Not Responsive-

Surface Pro Speaker Repair -

Surface Pro Battery Replacement -

Surface Pro Water Damage Repair -


surface pro repair singapore

How Much Will It Cost?

The repairing cost depends on damage type, device model, the severity of the damage, and some other related factors. But in Singapore, when you are looking to repair your surface pro model at the lowest possible price, you will find our price cost-effective. Here at Hitec Mobile, we are committed to giving you quality repair with very budget-friendly pricing. We offer a free consultation with our certified expert technician for all kinds of tablet and Phone Repair Singapore. Start receiving tempting quote now by Whatsapp us at 91822795 or Walk-in at our Bugis Junction #03-24 repair shop now!