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iPhone 7 Repair Singapore

Has the screen of your iPhone 7 got damaged and you need a screen replacement? Are the images appearing distorted or there’s simply no image? Has your large-screen device got broken somehow? Are you experiencing a battery issue and your device is taking much longer time than usual to charge? Is the battery draining out too fast? Is your iPhone 7 shutting down even when it has got some charge left? Are you looking to replace the battery?
If your answer is a resounding “Yes” to all or most of these and you are looking for the most efficient and affordable way to get these fixed, look no further than Hitec Mobile. No matter if the dependable workhorse comes in Black, Gold, Silver, Red, or Space Grey, we have got you covered. And we understand how much you are attached to your iPhone. So, we put our best foot forward to carry out the repairs within an hour, if possible.

Why Thousands of Customers Have Chosen Us Already?

Our 5-star customer service is what sets us apart from other similar service providers. We offer a diverse range of options through which you can get your iPhone 7 repair in Singapore done. If you can’t visit our repair shop, simply opt for our mail-in service. We will collect your phone, fix the issues, and hand it over to you as soon as we can.
We understand it could be difficult to stay without your favorite iPhone for a few days. So, we’ve got a free diagnostic service on offer where our professional Apple engineers will diagnose the issues of your iPhone for free. And the best part? If we need more time to repair your phone, you can opt for our spare phone T-loan service. Once the repair is done, we’ll notify you, and switch your SIM card over to the repaired iPhone 7.

As the leading brand in iphone repair singapore, we know how drastically the quality of iPhone components varies from each other. During our initial days of iPhone repairing, genuine Apple parts were easily available to help repair service providers like us perform the required tasks fast. But as Apple has started pushing customers more toward the replacement of damaged devices instead of having them repaired, the availability of genuine Apple parts have become much limited.
Fortunately, we have been able to nurture a robust relationship with the makers of iPhone screens – thanks to our enviable credibility in the landscape of iPhone repair service in Singapore. We feel proud to be among the selected few that can use Grade AAA quality Apple parts in all the repairs.
In short, our professionally qualified Apple engineers never use cheap screens offering dubious performance that’s omnipresent on eBay or Carousell, and we certainly didn't learn how to repair iPhone simply by watching Youtube tutorial alone!

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