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iPhone XR Repair Singapore

How much cost to repair Apple iPhone XR display screen in Singapore?

There are few options to fix a damaged screen on an iPhone XR. One is by getting it to service at your local Apple Service Center; the second method is by changing the LCD by yourself. However, if you do not want to risk damaging the phone accidentally or losing all your precious photos and documents due to the privacy restriction, then the best option is to get it to fix by a trustworthy repair shop in Singapore.

What are the 3 most common ways to fix iPhone XR LCD
This is the most popular among most iPhone users as the phone warranty covers the repair cost. But if the screen is damaged due to mishandling, there is a high chance they might want you to pay for the repair. Be prepared to fork out a hefty sum for cracked glass replacement and lose all of your data if you decided to take this path. Hence sometimes, the most expensive is not always the best.

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