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iPhone XS Max Repair Singapore


A reliable repair service is essential if you’re the proud owner of an iPhone X or XS Max. Not only can we help with everything from screen repair to battery replacement, but we can also help sell your old handset faster than anyone. Just what you need when you want to repair, replace or even upgrade for less.

About iPhone XS Max

In September of 2018 came the iPhone XS Max complete with the A12 chip, enhanced battery life, and a whole host of other features. It’s constructed using surgical grade stainless steel and Apple’s most durable glass yet. It is however still possible to damage it, which is where your local iPhone XS Max repair comes in.

The 6.5-inch edge-to-edge screen may be made with their toughest glass yet, but it’s still susceptible to accidental damage. Due to the complex nature of the device and the need for the perfect replacement of new screen glass, it’s never been more important to connect with a dedicated specialist. Our team is always ready and waiting to make your favourite device look and feel as good as new.

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