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LG`s latest flagship model is a daring move considering the conventional thin, metal high-spec model by its competitors is dominating the smartphone market. The G6 design is a major overhaul from its predecessor. By replacing the 5.3-in screen and modular metal body with detachable battery to a bigger 5.7-inch display alongside higher body-to-screen ratio and built-in 3300mAh battery is a bold statement from the Korean smartphone giant.

Although the LG G6 is not as gimmicky as it`s Korean counterpart that has face recognition and retina scanner, the new design still stands out from last year disappointing G5 modular style.
'The way we use a smartphone will never be the same again' is best describe the most complete featured device yet. Made available on April 14, the LG G6 price in Singapore by Hitec Mobile will be the one to look out for if you are a bargain hunter.

LG describes the new flagship handset as an “in your face experience” and “innovative” in the high-end smartphone industry. Indeed, the LG V20 is unique in some ways with its dual screens, two rear cameras, real-time manual video mode, and enduring construction. These new features make the phone fun to use, a pleasure to hold and beautiful to look at.

The Nexus series is another category offer by LG targeting the midrange market. Due to Nexus 5 overwhelming popularity. After two years long wait, Nexus fans had finally seen the light after the release of Nexus 5X. The handset is widely publicized by Google along with Project Fi , Google's own cellular service.
The LG-Google built Nexus 5X Singapore is an excellent piece of equipment with all the right design, improved camera module, top of the line performance, an a fast fingerprint sensor all put into places. It is currently one of the better choices for those who want a smartphone with clean, UX interface without paying top-tier price.