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LG Mobile Singapore

Since its launch in 2015, the LG V series has been the premier top of the line offering from LG and it has managed to garner a lot of fan following and create a niche market for these Phablets. Rightly so the V series phones are built like a tank with a military grade 810G rating and offer the very best of Audio and Video content creation and consumption capabilities. This year its LG V30+ carrying forward the legacy and the successor is doing so in a beautiful and stylish all-glass design, 6-inch P-OLED Display, first phone from LG to be Google Day Dream -Ready Wireless charging and IP68 Rating whilst still being Certified with Military Grade 810G Rating it’s a perfect combination of Power Stealth and Beauty. The class-leading Dual Cameras with a proprietary wide-angle camera has been upgraded with a larger f/1.6 & f/1.9 Aperture lens. With Camera Modes like Point Zoom & Cine Video Mode combined with directional HD Audio Recording, 5 band equaliser with QuadBeat settings and a Hi-Fi Quad DAC (B&O Play Certified) you literally have a mini Studio in your pocket. The LG V30+ also brings the very best of Android and Software features and security – rear mounted Fingerprint sensor, Face and Voice Recognition to unlock your phone and the Floating Bar all provide an unparalleled user experience on a smartphone. V for Vanity V for Volume and V is Value Proposition. Get the best deal on LG V30+ here.

LG`s latest flagship model is a daring move considering the conventional thin, metal high-spec model by its competitors is dominating the smartphone market. The V30S ThinQ features is a major upgrade from its predecessor.  The new AI Cam and QLens find the right colour balance and exposure level by automatically detects different scenes, along with f/1.6 aperture with Bright Mode,is a bold statement from the Korean smartphone giant to compete against the likes of Samsung S9+ and iPhone X in Singapore.

Although the LG V30S ThinQ is not as gimmicky as it`s Korean counterpart that has face recognition and retina scanner, the new design still stands out from last year disappointing LG V20 with a slimmer profile. The Hifi Quad DAC sound system, IP68 water resistance and 6GB Ram are also a much-improved than the previous V30.

'The way we use a smartphone will never be the same again' is best describe the most complete featured device yet. Made available on May 3rd, 2018, the LG V30S Thinq Singapore by Hitec Mobile will be the one to look out for if you are a bargain hunter.