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Nokia Singapore

When Nokia made a comeback earlier this year it brought back its heritage of making sturdy and a user-friendly phone that made owning and using Nokia Phones such a Nostalgic Experience, the new Nokia 7 Plus Singapore represents all the aspects mentioned above. In the sound department, the Nokia 7 Plus has put a nail to MP3 players coffin by equipping itself with OZO audio and three mics which records even the slightest of whisper or sound during recording. Packed with such great features, no wonder the smartphone is much sought-after in China and India and are easily sold out within 1 hour during the initial launch.

In terms of affordability, Nokia 6.1 Plus price in Singapore with its premium-looking aluminium unibody design, a large 5.8 inch Full HD+ LCD Display, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and 16 MP front camera is arguably the best midrange smartphone around. What's more in store for you is the much awaited pure Android experience we had missed out during the days of Nexus 5X. By putting together Snapdragon 636 chipset alongside 4GB RAM, the performance level exceed even Oppo R15 that cost S$200 more!