Samsung Galaxy S7 S View Cover


•  Available in Black & Gold colours

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Samsung Galaxy S7 S-View Cover Features

The modern and eye-catching design of the S View Cover accentuates the elegant feel of your new Galaxy S7 and showcases it perfectly.

Accessible Functions
With the Galaxy S7 S View Cover you can access key functions without even needing to open the cover. Use the quick access panel to call your favourite contacts, launch the camera, adjust Wi-Fi settings and much more.

Unbeatable Protection
The S View Cover is designed to safeguard the front, back and edges of your Hero 2. It offers unbeatable protection against scratches, bumps and other everyday wear and tear.

Automatic Screen On/Off Functions
Accessing your Galaxy S7 device is easy with the S View Cover. Simply open the wallet to gain access to your frequently used functions. Closing the wallet will automatically turn off the screen, helping you to cut down on your battery consumption.

Quick Camera Functions
Don’t miss out on photo opportunities with the S View Cover. You will have access to a variety of camera functions without even opening the cover. The front display offers you a clear view of the photo screen, and allows you to toggle easily between camera and video modes.