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Samsung's current premium flagship smartphone, Note 10 Plus, is so ridiculously overpowered that the Korean company deems it necessary to also release a less powerful version in Note 10 with 8GB instead of 12GB RAM. Both variants can power any multimedia or gaming apps throw at them with ease. The Quad camera system enables the user to capture literally any landscape or object by the blink of an eye.

We understand that sometimes, accidental drop happens, the screen could be shattered into pieces before your eyes. You may ask yourself if it isn't a pity instead of trashing it away; what if you could fix it and continue using it since the rest of the function is still working fine? Hitec Repair has a solution for you, the cracked glass can be replaced in a matter of an hour. If you have other malfunction parts, for example, charging port, battery bloated/draining fast or even water damage, our tech specialists will take care of it at our repair shop with ease so you could shop around while waiting in the vicinity.
In case you can't bring your damaged Note 10 to our shop, one of our Samsung trained repairman can come to your place, be it the office or home, to get it fixed.

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What Other Parts Can We Repair?
Though many things can damage your Note 10 screen, the most common reasons include accidental drops to a hard surface and trying to fix the damaged/broken screen by an unverified vendor without the expertise and proper tools. In case you've accidentally damaged the screen of your Note 10, it could lead to many issues. From damaged front glass, improper working of the touch function to getting a black screen, broken pixels and any other display-related problems. Even if you've got the front screen damaged only, we'd suggest you get it fixed immediately to avoid further complications.
If you've checked all the volume control are set correctly but you're still getting a low volume or gone completely mute, you should get the speakers repaired or replaced immediately. Our experienced technician will check the speaker and earpiece thoroughly and replace them at a reasonable price..
Have your cracked battery cover replaced is of utmost importance considering the potential risks involved. A cracked back glass can not only cut your hands, but the cracks will worsen over a certain period of wear and tear. Which leads us to another issue that is water and dust may enter and further damage the internal components.
Water damage to your precious Note 10 can happen in different ways – from an awkward fall in the bathroom to a splash from the tap. But regardless of the reason, as soon as it happens, you should turn the Note 10 plus off immediately, dab it dry using a paper towel, and remove the SIM card and the battery.
As the outcomes of water damage cannot be seen immediately always, you should get a thorough assessment done by a professional Samsung phone repair in Singapore to prevent further damages.
Our adept repairmen in-depth chemical wash on the motherboard and, thereafter, advise on the necessary replacement parts. Once we get your go-ahead, we'll do the repair job to make it perform like a new one.
To top it off, you can now book for phone screen repair at your doorstep on the same day. Once you have received a confirmation email and SMS stating when your phone is ready for collection, you are good to go.
That's not all, your data privacy will be protected and remain secure as all repair jobs are supervised in the confined area of our workshop and only will be allowed to access the screen for only quality check purposes.

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