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Samsung Trade Up Singapore

If you are in the market for a more powerful phone, but on the other hand stuck with your old handset, Hitec Mobile will accept trade-in during purchase minus the value of your device so you only need to top-up the difference towards the purchase. In total, you can get up to $500 off a new Galaxy Note 8 with the qualifying trade-in.

Are happy with your current smartphone that are in good conditions? we suggest that you can cash-out from your current mobile service provider by purchasing a new S9 Plus when you contract is up for renewal, this way you only need to pay about 20 percent of the phone value that can be sold to us at a whopping $1050!

Take note that as long as your pre-owned device is in good condition, meaning they have minimum scratch and all function working properly,
we will take in as per quoted price. So what are you waiting for? Get your cash rebate or trade up to the latest S9 Plus now before the price fluctuates.