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Xiaomi Mi 8 Repair Singapore


Before you decided to throw away your broken Xiaomi Mi 8, think again. Instead of splurging out a large amount of money to buy a new one, what if i tell you it can be repaired with minimum hassle and price?
For instance, you only need to pay a minimum of 30 dollar for a battery replacement. Of course, it would cost a bit more to replace LCD display.
Thanks to our purchasing department, your Xiaomi phone parts replacement is alot cheaper than getting a new phone.

Most Common Repairs For Mi 8
Have you been wondering how come your Xiaomi phone battery usage time had shortened drastically after you’ve updated the software? Our phone repair center has the solutions to all your battery related issues including sudden loss of power and bloated li-ion battery pack.
Our store is well-equipped with all types of Xiaomi phone Grade A batteries including the most recent ones like Mi Mix 2 and Mi 9. This way, we are able to replace your old battery to give your device a new life.
As we carry on with our daily life, there are bound to be accidental drop or knocks that causes crack screen or even worse, damaged display digitizer.
Let us be of your service in providing immaculate LCD screen replacement for your Xiaomi phone repair in Singapore.
Besides the most common repair we just mentioned, we also touch on different types of uncommon problems like charging port replacement, volume and power button replacement, water damage repair as well as motherboard repair.
Our in-house facilities are well-positioned to provide all-around repair solutions for your Xiaomi Mi 8 from start to finish.

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