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Blackberry Keyone Singapore

Blackberry a brand reminiscent of the time when phones with physical keyboards used to dominate the Smartphones segment. So much so they had their own OS and ecosystem. It was considered as a premium and productive device for business users with a high focus on enterprise security and for emails. Long before the existence of WhatsApp BBM was the dominant and fastest mode of chat. However, with a highly competitive environment of technological advancements even they had to evolve and adapt. Now with Android as their primary OS combined with their high-security focus ecosystem BlackBerry is able to provide us with what best of both worlds have to offer.

BlackBerry KEYone is their latest offering and it is the epitome of Smartphone focussed on productivity. It has all the latest features what you can ask for, a 4.5-inch IPS LCD Display, 12 MP camera, Quad-Core processor, 4GB RAM+ 64GB Storage with expandable memory, Fingerprint sensor, Large 3505mAh battery.

What sets it apart is the highly responsive and touch-enabled physical keyboard. Unlike most of the other smartphones, it’s not a dark slab of glass, rather it’s a perfect amalgamation of keys, sensors, buttons and materials. BlackBerry KEYone is instantly recognizable as a "BlackBerry". With Security and Productivity still as their primary focus, the KEYone comes preloaded with BlackBerry DTEK security monitoring App. BlackBerry HUB, Productivity tab which offers comprehensive customisable options so you that you can view and interact with all your notifications and respond to the same in the most efficient way. BlackBerry KEYone has been recognised as the best offering in Mobile World Congress 2017. If you are someone who wants to just get the things done and stay productive at that This is the phone for you. Unlock your potential get the BlackBerry KEYone now!