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iPhone X Price Singapore

Every year, iPhone users are faced with the choice of whether or not to upgrade to the latest and the greatest. Apple has always produced state-of-the-art phones that seem to be a result of the careful scrutinization of the element and the material that has gone into its making. Apple has emerged as a pioneer in touchscreen and multi-touch user interface. While Apple continues to please the users with its ever-improving technology, the products also offer remarkably stylish designs and are feature-rich. From iPad to iPhone, users can get the most out of the digital world by investing in an Apple product.

Be overwhelmed by Apple`s next level of innovation in the form of iPhone X. Not only does the slim bezel covering with all-glass body shouts premium, the visual and sound effect is second to none. Performance-wise, the A11 Bionic processor somehow overtakes iPhone 8 although the latter is using the same chipset. thanks to bigger RAM and AI enabled software in iPhone X.
If security is your main priority, the iOS 11 that blocks uncertain threat from malicious website or software not to mention Face ID that prevents unauthorised access is a must-have device especially those works in a security sensitive environment. The wait for is over, the choice is yours.

iPhone 8 Singapore

Whether you are a first-time iPhone buyer or someone looking for an upgrade from previous iPhone models, Apple brings you a revolutionary phone that is all set to blow your mind. The iPhone 8 is undoubtedly a powerful device that is perfect for serious work as well your entertainment needs. Here’s one that is packed with features and a stunning display to match; in an all-glass unibody with wireless charging capabilities.

At Hitec Mobile, we are committed to bringing the best in technology & lowest prices to customers.You can now purchase the much awaited iPhone 8 at our online store at a fraction of the cost compared to retail stores in Singapore. Drop us a call or SMS to reserve your preferred memory size & colour so we can do a reservation for you as stock are selling fast.