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How To Trade-in And Save Monthly Bills Without Incurring Overseas Data Charge

Trade-in Your New Phone To Offset Phone Bill

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Are you wondering when is the best time to trade-in your current contract for a new phone? By the end of this article, we will show you how to take charge of your monthly phone bills and access a travel sim card that helps you enjoy cheap data while traveling. You will be able to save 12 months on your phone bills and pay only the balance for next 12 months within your targeted usage. As long as your data usage is within your monthly limit; lets say you have a 10GB data bundle and your usage is around 8GB every 30th day of the month, then you should be perfectly safe. The idea is to remain within your monthly limits. Besides, you can re-contract three months prior to the expiry date of your current contract. At around this time, as you are thinking about a trade-in phone strategy, phone companies such as Starhub and Singtel will be trying to do all they can to keep you on board before their rivals MNVOs and a fourth telco, TPG attract you with cheaper and more attractive data packages.

AirSim – Access Cheap Travel Data With Ease

Airsim data travel prepaid card

In today`s technology, no one wants to travel without having a reliable travel data sim card for their smartphone. We constantly need to access data for keeping in touch with friends and family on WhatsApp, make quick online bookings, and using the navigations App. The only problem is that when you do not have a good travel sim card, you will end up incurring huge expenses from roaming data.

A popular option for such a situation is subscribing to a data roaming package on your local telco which means adding another expense on your monthly phone bill. You can subscribe to data roaming with your local telco by having to add-on international roaming bundle for 30 days. Sad but true, these are the method most telco uses to lock-in a minimum 14 days data usage so that they can squeeze the most out of travelers. This this where their cash cow lies as the plan nowadays are heavily subsidize due to competition among over-saturated telco in Singapore. Did I mention that the roaming bundle service is available in nearby countries like; Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and China only?


Airsim data travel prepaid card

The other option is renting Wi-Fi internationally, which an hassle as you will be required to pick up the router and then return it. Alternatively, you could purchase a pre-paid data card for your phone for the country that you plan to visit, even though you are only travelling for a few days.

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Airsim data travel prepaid card

All these sounds like too much hassle for a traveler, and there is a solution; AirSIM. It is a all-in-one travel sim card that can be used in over a hundred countries, including Japan, Britain, Peru, Australia and the United States of America.

With a combination of over the air and soft Sim technologies, a local soft sim will be assigned to your AirSIM travel sim card making it possible for you to enjoy as low as 1.60 dollars on data per day.

AirSIMs have cut-outs that fill all sim sizes; hence, you will not need to worry about phone compatibility every time you are traveling abroad. Data travel telco has a way of making one buy their phones when purchasing their travel sim card. Their phones are embedded to their sim cards and apps to make it impossible for users to switch to their own device.

Airsim Roam Apps

Airsim data travel prepaid card

The AirSim uses its App to work. This means you will have to download the AirSIM roam App, which is available on both Google and Apple stores, then install it in your phone. Once you have bought your ticket to, say Malaysia, for a ten-days stay, you can select a data roaming bundles plan for those dates you will be in Malaysia. All instructions needed to purchase these plans are on-screen and easy to follow.

Do not use the AirSIM, until you have landed at your destination. Once you arrive, startup your smartphone, and the AirSIM will look for the local network and connect to it in less than three minutes. You might then be asked to restart your phone then everything will be good to go.

The only disadvantages that come with opting for AirSIM are that it only works with smartphones and not a Mi-Fi router, you will need to keep replacing sim cards if your phone is not a dual sim and hence you will lose your local number. However, this can be resolved by having a spare phone when traveling, which will act as a router and connect your other devices via hotspot Wi-Fi. The advantages are way higher than the setbacks given you will not need a alternative phone every time you travel, and data will be cheap; hence, no outrageous phone bills. AirSIM works with both Android and IOS phones.

The Verdict

Airsim data travel prepaid card

Thankfully, AirSIM is a genuine telecommunication provider, whose aim is to provide travel sim cards which meets all your data needs. The main concern for travelers is whether they get to choose the type of phone to use with a travel sim card, or get stuck with a smartphone embedded with Global e-sim. AirSIM’s compatibility with both an Android and an IOS software takes this worry off as travelers can still access their Google and Facebook services in China without being blocked by the infamous Great Firewall as AirSIM has VPN build-in to bypass the access restriction.

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